Software development services that we offer

Custom Software Development Solutions

At DigiSoft we offer a wide variety of custom software development solutions. We have helped clients in a wide variety of different applications and technology. These range from development of 3d training simulations to web-platform systems as well as hardware-based solutions. We have a saying to our clients: 'You name it, we code it'.

Custom Software Development

Our development team can provide clients with development in one of 2 platforms. 1) ASP.NET (Microsoft Platform) or 2) PHP (Open Source Platform). Most clients that are starting from scratch prefer the PHP route, but if you are not sure, we will assist you 100% along the way by explaining the pros and cons of both platforms.

Simulation Development

Our simulations are 2D (two dimensional) and/or 3D (three dimensional), depending on your needs. All our simulations are developed from scratch. We work closely together with our clients to develop the simulations so that they do exactly what you want. For more information and demos, please visit our simulation page by clicking here. These can be used as powerful marketing, training and assessment tools

Custom ELearning Solutions

DigiSoft offer 3 possible solutions. Although all 3 options are Learner Management systems, they work a bit different from each other. They also serve a slightly different purpose. Click to read more...

Website Development

DigiSoft only develop websites that are based on the WordPress platform. We can assist you from choosing a theme, web hosting and even do customization on existing themes. Please have a look at our sample page for website we have developed by clicking here.

How Can We Help You:

Software Development is not just about writing code. It starts with good communication and understanding your needs. Once that has been achieved, we build a spec document and only then we can start to talk about writing code. Here are the ways we can help our clients:


Information Technology forms a critical part of most business today. Most of us just cannot survive without it.

Guarenteed Solutions

We know important it is to deliver the correct product within the projected timeline. We do this by working together with our clients and set realistic, practical goals.

Painless Process

Developing custom solutions can be a stressful process, we know that! We will always go the extra mile to make the process as easy as possible for you.