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How much does your product cost?

Determining the pricing of a simulation is extremely challenging. It is all based on development time which is influenced by the complexity of the actual simulation. The typical development time for a simulation is between 2 months and 4 months. Our rates vary per month depending on your deadlines and how many developers we need to include in a project. Typically this range is between R25 000 and R45 000 per month.

On what platforms can the simulation run?

Our simulations can run on Windows, OSX, Android and iOs. Depending on your requirements we can publish to web page content as well (HTML5).

How long does the development take?

Most of the simulations that we have on our demo (or portfolio) pages were developed between 2 and 5 months. Once again, it all depends on the complexity of the simulation. Time intensive requirements are normally animated characters, complex interactive functionality and often clients don’t know exactly what they want. In cases like this we try our best to assist and guide our clients.

How do you help your clients to cut development costs?

Our new product, PocketSim has changed our way of thinking about training simulations a lot. Our latest simulations has been focused on only building the 3D environments and then use PocketSim to record video lessons using those simulations.

Can you provide stats that simulations actually work?

Yes, if you do a formal enquiry, we can provide you with feedback data we have received from one of our largest clients.

What resources do you normally need from your clients to finish a project?

Most of the time we need a project leader that is familiar with the subject covered in the simulation/s. But more important, we need people who are as excited as us about simulations and who want to work together.