Deal Manager – Free Sales Management System

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Deal Manager – Free Sales Management System

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Free Sales Management System With A Difference

Deal Manager is a free, light weight and easy to use sales management system. It has been developed to help consultants, entrepreneurs and sales managers keep track of their current deals, follow-ups, contacts and prospective clients. Being a cloud-based and free sales management system, Deal Manager can easily be accessed from anywhere, provided you have an internet connection available. The sales management system is super easy to use and comes with a set of tutorial videos to get you started, therefore you can be up and running within minutes.

Our free sales management system includes the following features (and more):

Client information can be loaded and edited quickly and easily. Users can create a client, then attach contracts, documents and quotes to this deal. Quote generator is a built in feature that allows you to generate a quote based on deal information as well as pre-set information. You can add products, details, prices and manage all of this from an easy to access interface.

Full user rights and setting up your environment is handled by our admin back-end. You can break down your sales achievements as well as targets using an advanced reporting interface. Our system is 100% mobile compatible and all menus and information will automatically adapt to screen spacing. For sure, there are more features included for free, but we would prefer to share them with you in person.

Are you interested?

If you want to start using our free sales management system to keep track of your deals, clients and communications, please send us an email and let’s get you on board immediately.

March 7, 2016