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Training Simulations involves the use of computer software to replicate a real world situation. During simulation based training, the student is either coached or assessed how to perform certain tasks or activities in various real world scenarios. Simulation training becomes extremely powerful when you incorporate repetition, combined with coaching. The simulations we develop for our clients have gone through various iterations of improvements, making them easy to use from the novice to advanced users. Over the years we have built invaluable experience on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to training simulations and we are glad to share that wealth of knowledge with our clients.

Our custom training simulations are designed to help students complete tasks safely, efficiently and the way it should be done. They can be used for assessment or training purposes. Up until recently, institutes have declared practical learning as the most effective way to acquire knowledge. Now, with modern technology, it feasible to simulate environments that are safe, non-threatening, and affordable. Our training simulation software is light weight, can run on most platforms and does not require you to have expensive gaming optimized computers.

If you want to have a look at some examples, please feel free to visit our PocketSim YouTube channel where you will find a number of demo video clips including training simulations, training tools. Alternatively you can visit our simulation training video demo page.

March 7, 2016